Speech of the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his companions divine, and yet 

 The Educational Affairs at any college or university is the backbone of its renaissance and advancement pillar, Students and professors are essential elements interact to produce qualified and trained to take on responsibilities and challenges. The success of this communication is not only genuinely tender by all employees of the college students, staff and administrators and faculty members. Agency Academic Affairs, Faculty of Science and Humanities Rumaah seeks to bring about harmony and interaction between modules altogether, and continue its mission steering guidance, training and development, and regulatory coordination in all sections until the formation of Talimaa director enjoys quality and competitive locally and internationally. Agency including followed, from units such as: unit plans and programs of study, and the unity of excellence in teaching and learning, and Education Unit techniques, the unit of measurement and evaluation seeks to contribute effectively in the implementation of the strategic plan of the college and university, and follow-up of academic accreditation standards to develop plans and programs of study and to contribute to the efforts of developmental elevate the Education in the Kingdom.                              According to all those who love God and is pleased, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs D. Mohammed Bin Dhafer Al-Dosari