About the Department:

The Department of Internal Medicine is one of the most important departments of the College of Medicine and one of its fundamentals.  The department offers different majors such as cardiology, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, brain and neurology, and other internal majors.

The department teaches internal medicine and its sub-majors to students of the College of Medicine; two courses in year three (clinical phase) for fifth and sixth year students respectively and with a total of 12 credit hours. The Department also supervises and contributes to developing courses of year two (Basic Sciences phase) as well as teaching lectures related to internal diseases at that stage.

Moreover, the DIM plays a major role in the Clinical Skills Laboratory. That is, members of the department participate in teaching classes for clinical examination skills of all body systems and performing simple interventional procedures of a nursing nature on various dolls such as the use of pressure and vital signs devices, the introduction of a urine catheter and a feeding tube through Nose, blood and body fluids sampling in the abdominal and chest cavities, cerebrospinal fluid biopsies, and participation in laboratory tests (OSCE) for these skills.

The DIM has been in charge of supervising the clinical skills laboratory since the establishment of the college and until present time.