Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine The internal medicine department is considered as one of the most important departments in the college of medicine and one of theimportant pillars of the college of medicine, as it involves many of the important specialties under its ambarella like cardiology, endocrinology,neurology,nephrology,pulmonology, rheumatology, and other specialties. The department is responsible of teaching medical students aiming at fulfilling the adopted curriculum requirement. In the third phase (clinical phase) the department of medicine conduct 2 modules of Internal Medicine in the fifth and the sixth years. The credit hours for these courses are 12 hours. In addition, the department of internal medicine participate efficiently in supervision and guidance in setting the curriculum of the second phase (basic science), as well as participating in conducting lectures related to internal medicine topics. Also, staff members the Department of Internal Medicine paly active and significant role in the clinical skills lab related activities, examples of these activities is teaching students how to perform physical examination of deferent human body systems and to perform minor practical procedures on manikins such as; insertion of nasogastric tubes and urinary catheter fixation, taking blood samples, paracentesis, thoracentesis, lumber puncture, and other procedures in the skills lab. Moreover, they participate continuously in the assessment examinations of the clinical skills modules. It is important to mention that the coordination of the clinical skills lab has been one of the duty of the internal medicine department since establishment of the college. Department members: • Dr. Fehaid Gali Alanazi assistant professor of medicine and rheumatology- Head of the department. • Dr. Bader Ali Al-Mehmadi assistant professor of internal medicine and rheumatology • Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Almutairi assistant professor of internalmedicine and endocrinology • Dr.Sieyd Khalid Imam assistant professor of internalmedicine and endocrinology • Dr. Omer Mohammed assistant professor of internalmedicine • Dr. Islam Mohamadeinassistant professor of internalmedicine • Dr. Walaa Ali assistant professor of internalmedicine • Dr. Islam HamdiShoshaassistant professor of internalmedicine and neurology • Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Harbiassistant professor of internalmedicine and neurology Department achievements: • Setting and the development of the curriculum of internal medicine for the fifth and sixth year. • Contribution to community based medicine activities to fulfill the vision and the strategic plans of the college of medicine represented in the mobile clinic scheme, blood donation campaigns, covering outpatient clinics and on all duties at King Khalid hospital as well as medical services clinic at the university campus. The aim is to improve the quality medical services at the area. • Attraction of highly qualified Saudi professionals to join the university. • The conduction of scientific research’s and studies.