Vise Dean of Educational Affairs

The responsibilities of the faculty deputy for educational affairs as follows

- To supervise on implementing the study plans in the College and in its academic departments and develop them as well.

- To Secure optimum educational milieu.

- To organize the timetables and supervise the teaching loads of the faculty members.

- To follow up the Faculty needs from the staff members and working to fulfill them.

- Particpating in the professional development plan, particularly those aspects associated with teaching and learning, in coordination with the academic departments.

- Supervising on securing the teaching aids, facilities, learning resources and equipment necessary for the teaching milieu , and making sure that these items are used effectively in the learning and teaching process in the college.

- Following up the improvement plan of the facilities and the furnishing of the labs.

- Fulfilling the learning resources and references in different majors at the college with coordinating with the concerned administration in the University.

 - Developing the means and the tools of assessment in the college.

 - Regulate and authenticate the procedures of the students’ exams and evaluate their academic performance and form the necessary team for implementing these tasks.

- Permanently coordinating with the deputies and head of departments with the aim of achieving the objectives of the college.

- Contacting with the counterpart academic and administrative units in the College in away in order to fulfill the objective of the deputyship in coordination with the dean.

- Implementing the delegated tasks either by the Faculty council or the dean of the college.              


The Faculty Deputy for Educational Affairs

Dr. Mansour Bin Khater Al-Zahrani