Message from the Head

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences in the College of Medicine at Majmaah University is considered one of the largest departments in the College and contains several units. It is one of the departments that provides the most important basic sciences, which are considered the cornerstone that the medical student needs to move forward in the College of Medicine curriculum for the coming years. It has an active role in preparing study plans. Training students in specialized laboratories equipped for this purpose. The ​Department is ​a multidisciplinary unit designed to deliver the basic sciences curriculum to first to third-year medical students, as well as to perform cutting-edge translational biomedical research.

In contrast to several single, discipline-derived basic science departments traditional in most medical schools, the College of Medicine Program consists of one Basic Medical Sciences Department staffed by an array of faculty with expertise in areas such as anatomy, behavioral science, biochemistry/molecular biology, biomedical informatics, cancer biology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, immunobiology, microbiology, neuroscience, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. Integration of the basic sciences with clinical medicine is the keynote of our educational program.

Throughout the years the curriculum, which is a shared responsibility between the basic sciences and clinical faculty, is delivered in a problem-based format to small groups of students. Materials from the different basic sciences disciplines and pathology are integrated in a manner relevant to the clinical cases under discussion throughout the modules. All basic sciences faculty members take on roles in this teaching program by conducting problem-based learning (PBL) circulars for students. Many faculty members also hold joint appointments in our clinical departments, where they participate in teaching and research projects.

The basic medical sciences are central and fundamental not only to educating the next generation of physicians for Saudi Arabia but also to improving the lives of citizens through scientific breakthroughs in translational medical research, which will have an impact on preventing and treating variant common medical conditions. Scientific research plays a fundamental role in current medical practice and it is of great importance that medical students relate to it from the beginning of their professional career since it generates multiple benefits that will be reflected during their careers as university students and future professionals. All students are required to participate in research projects as a​ prerequisite for graduation.

Following the Program learning objectives, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences trains and imparts a sound understanding of the subjects which gives them a greater in-depth knowledge of those subjects. This will provide a foundation to use their knowledge to greater effect in attaining the highest level in their professional work.


Dr. Meshari Alzahrani

Assistant Professor of Urology

Chairman, Department of Basic Medical Sciences College of Medicine, Majmaah University