Conferences/Workshops on Quality Assurance in Education

Conferences/Workshops on Quality Assurance in Education 2012-2013


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International Conference on Educational Sciences Challenges and Quality Development in Higher Education

Tirana, Albania

22nd to 23rd June 2012

AROQAE fourth annual conference

“Methods for Consensus and Common Standards for Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation in Arab Universities”

Cairo, Egypt

24-26 June, 2012

Using Lean, Six Sigma and Process to Improve Patient Satisfaction: Improving Quality, Safety and Experience

Chicago, United States of America

27th to 29th June 2012

Quality Matters' 4th Annual Conference on Quality Assurance in Online Learning

Tuscon, AZ, United States of America

3rd to 6th October 2012

International Conference of Quality Teaching and Learning (ICQTL 2012)


23rd to 24th October 2012

Equity and Quality 2012 conference


23-24 October 2012

How does Quality Assurance Make A Difference?

Tallinn, Estonia

22-24 November 2012




What is Higher Education For? Shared and contested ambitions.

Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

12th to 14th December 2012