The Dean of College Speech



Thanks are to Almighty God who guided us to this by his blessing. The Community College has something to do with the meaning of its name and the community it serve and provide it with all than can be given for its renaissance and flourishing by eliminating illiteracy and providing the student with useful sciences in order to become integrated part of a society that looks forward towards progress and prosperity under the guidance of the wise leadership of the country. The university management is keen to provide all that is useful and the latest methods to cope with global progress in the scientific process, educational and compatibility to the latest methods of modern science and technology and the latest discoveries. We also want the community college to always overlook the global latest research, studies, and methods in basic science. The College is working on publishing scholarly research and dissemination in the fields of science in the service of society and to graduate scholars who contribute to the development and progress of society in order to serve their religion, and contribute to the progress of their country who provided them with all potentials for education and good breeding in accordance to the Islam values & ethics. A suitable educational and scientific environment was provided for them through a cadre of distinguished and competent educators in their field, as well as the most modern equipment. I ask God to help the students to acquire beneficial knowledge and to help us to contribute to the education of emerging young youth to serve in building their community. Our final prayers and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Dr. Abdullah Bin Ahmad Al Dahash Dean of Community College at Majmaah