Muharram 1441
21 September 2019

Last Modified Sun, 2019/08/25 - 08:41

The Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs, represented by Study Programs and Development Department, conducted on Monday a workshop entitled “MU Requirements: College’s Contributions and Skills Development”. The workshop was attended by coordinators of plans and study programs at colleges. Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Qawasmi, Supervisor of Study Programs and Development, said that this workshop aims to highlight the importance of the university requirements in terms of knowledge and skills and to determine the role of academic programs in meeting these requirements. It also intends to examine the university current requirements and their needs for development to meet the national tendency of requirements. Moreover, it identify to what extent students need to some linguistics, historical and sociological information. A presentation was given by Dr. Al-Qawasmi on the country national trend with regard to the university requirements and the necessity to updating them in line with the vision 2030. A Q&A session was held followed by making recommendations.