Since the announcement of class suspension as a precautionary measure to fight coronavirus, the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs has been undertaking several important tasks, most of which are monitoring the educational process during the period of class suspension; cooperating with both deanships: IT and e-Learning to provide technical assistance to students and faculty members while using the distance learning software; and holding virtual regular meetings and workshops for faculty members in different colleges.
The Vice-Rector’s Office is also supporting faculty members and staff in adapting themselves to the current situation and to make the most out of the available facilities.
Likewise, special help is provided to students in pulling through challenges facing them during this period.
To prepare for e-examination, the Vice-Rector’s Office in cooperation with the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education have attempted to figure out measures for conducting and invigilating exams virtually. Faculty members and students were provided with manuals of exam procedures which should be followed during exam period.
During this period, the Vice-Rector’s Office has been dedicated to receive students’ inquires and complaints around the clock via its official email or the beneficiary care service ‘Tawasul’.
Faculty members were motivated to participated in “MU Rector’s Award for Excellence in e-Learning Activity”.
With the follow-up of the Vice-Rector, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih and the directives of MU Rector, the Vice-Rector’s Office proved to be successfully in utilizing all available resources to deliver educational and research services of high quality and line with the university’s vision, mission and objectives.

Last modified
Wednesday, 15/April/2020