First meeting of Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs

At the request of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih and the follow-up of the supervisor of Vice-Rector’s Office, Dr. Essam Al-Maliki, a series of important meetings are expected to take place between coordinators of units at colleges with the three departments at the Vice-Rector’s Office: study programs and development, stud support and alumni affairs and evaluation, assessment and excellence.
The aim of these meetings is to strive to achieve the university strategic plan objectives.
The following themes will be addressed in the meetings:
- Updated mechanisms of preparing and developing study plans
- The college future plans to introduce and develop plans and study programs
- The unit and committees’ role in developing study plans
- Activate the registration of alumni in the portal
- Activate sending the reports of both the academic advice and evaluation and assessment units and their role in improving the system of evaluation and assessment at the university
- Mechanisms of evaluation and assessment of exams at the university
- The role of Evaluation, Assessment and Excellence in program-based accreditation.

Last modified
Sunday, 05/April/2020