2nd meeting of technical departments at Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs

Within the framework of improving the quality of work, the Vice-Rector’s Office – represented by academic and technical departments- held on Wednesday a virtual meeting in the presence of the supervisor of Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs, Dr. Essam al-Malki.
Welcoming participants in the meeting, Dr. al-Malki inaugurated the meeting by emphasizing the importance of setting executive plans integrated with the deanships associated with the Vice-Rector’s Office. The organizational structure of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs must be revised, and suitable responsibilities should be set that match with the proposed functional structure.
Dr. al-Malki made a reference to the continuous support of MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren, and the vice-rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Mohammed al-Obudi, to maintain work efficiency in a way that guarantee continues improvement of all activities and procedures.
Several feedback related to the organizational structure and the executive plan of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs were addressed in the meeting in addition to the progress made with regard to the annual report for the year 1440-1441 AH.

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Monday, 21/September/2020