Within the framework of cooperation between Saudi universities to exchange experience in various fields, the Northern Borders University (NBU) Prof. Saeed Al-Omar paid a visit to the University of Majmaah (MU) where he was welcomed MU Rector, Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren, vice-rectors, deans and directors of directorates. Upon their arrival to the honorary hall, Dr. Faisla Al-Mutairi, Director of Social Responsibility Observatory , talked about the aim and importance of this visit followed by a speech delivered by MU Rector who expressed his gratitude with visit and considered all Saudi universities to be real partners for MU in sharing experience and cooperation in various fields. I hope this visit would mark the beginning of a series of visits between the two universities at the level of vice-rectors and deans to exchange experience in many fields. NBU Rector, Dr. Al-Omar expressed his thanks for the wonderful hospitality and congratulated MU the achievements and several prizes it won in a number of fields. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two universities which aims to promote cooperation in fields such as science, research and community service. A tour of inspection was also made to some of the university’s facilities and initiatives such as schools, Prosthetic Limbs Center, e-learning mobile bus, e-learning mobile bus for people with special needs ‘Wusul’ and blood donation bus.

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Sunday, 28/June/2020