Engineering College wins the University Futsal Tournament for the year 1444 AH

Under the auspices of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Prof. Muhammad Al-Aboudi, and the honoring presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Saleh Al-Rashidi, the Deanship of Student Affairs concluded the one-week University Futsal Tournament.

11 teams and 150 students took part in the tournament which ended by a victory for the College of Engineering in the final match against the College of Education. The final was preceded by a third-place match between the College of Science and Applied college teams, which ended with the victory of the applied college team

The tournament was wrapped up by honoring partners, referees of the tournament, and the winning players.

The best player's prize went for Muhammad Al-Shanif and the best goalkeeper's prize went for Khaled Al-Qabbani,

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