International Forum of Gifted and Talented

MU won the Outstanding Innovation Award in the International Forum for Gifted and Talented held in Cairo by the World Federation of Muslim Scouts in conjunction with the fifteenth International Scientific Conference for the Gifted and Talented.

Nawaf Al-Medlej, Moayyed Al-Suwaiket, Othman Al-Mazrou and Nasser Al-Otaibi won for their invention on (analysis of fracture data for pipe samples under tension with different loads);  Ayyad Al-Shammari, Jasser Al-Baijan and Ahmed Al-Dariwish won for their invention of (Medical device for drying and fixing laboratory medical tissues); Basil Al-Maliki, Othman Al-Mazrou, and Muayyad Al-Suwaiket won for their invention of (Innovative Tubes).





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Monday, 08/August/2022