Vice-Rector patronizes final of MU tournament for volleyball

Under the patronage of the Vice Rector for Educational Affairs, Prof. Muhammad Al-Aboudi, and in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalid Al-Ofaisan, the university tournament for volleyball came to an end with the final match which was won by Common First Year against Engineering. The College of Medicine ranked third.

The tournament was organized by the Sports and Scouting Activities Department under the Vice-Dean's Office for Student Affairs.  

The vice-rector, Prof. Al-Obudi honored Al-Faiha Sports Club for hosting the tournament, referees and winning teams. 

Over 60 students participated in the 5-day tournament. 

Mr. Nasser Al-Hanou extended his thanks to the dean and everyone who contributed to the success of this tournament. 

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Tuesday, 28/December/2021