Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
26 October 2020


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Under the patronage of Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, the 2nd MU Marathon Race was organized by the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs. Over 80 contestants of MU staff and students have joined the marathon. The referees of the marathon were selected from the Saudi Athletic Federation.
The marathon race was 5-kilometer for two categories; students and staff and was organized by the university scouts.
At the end of the marathon race, sponsors of the race were awarded by Vice-Rector, Dr. Al-Rumaih, namely the Department of University Security, Department of Medical Services and the Department of Operations and Maintenance.
Ranks of Winning students and the winning amount are as follow:
10. Bader Al-Osaimi ( College of Science) 300 SR
9.Fawaz Al-Mutairi ( College of Education, Majmaah) 300 SR
8.Mohammed Al-Hubaishi ( College of Science) 300 SR
7. Najeeb Al-Nassr ( College of Education, Zulfi) 300 SR
6. Sultan Al-Harbi ( College of Science and Humanities, Hawat Sudair) 300 SR
5. Fahad Al-Taweel ( College of Education, Zulfi) 500 SR
4. Obaid Al-Mutairi ( College of Science) 700 SR
3. Abdelrahman Al-Osaimi ( College of Business Administration) 1500 SR & Trophy
2. Ahmed Al-Majyoul ( College of Engineering) 2000 SR & Trophy
1. Moath Al-Jua’idi ( College of Business Administration) 3000 & Trophy

Ranks of Winning faculty members and the winning amount are as follow:
10. Ahmed Wali ( Pioneer School) 200 SR
9. Mohammed Mahjoub ( College of Science) 200 SR
8. Abdullah Al-Husseini ( College of Engineering) 200 SR
7. Moteb Al-Rami ( Student Affairs Dean’s Office) 200 SR
6. Abdullah Al-Mushel ( College of Engineering) 200 SR
5. Waleed Al-Turaiqi ( College of Education in Zulfi) 400 SR
4. Majed Atteya ( College of Engineering) 600 SR
3. Abdelrahman Al-Dukheil ( Quality and Skills Development Dean’s Office) 800 SR & Trophy
2. Mohammed Doyosi ( College of Engineering) 1500 SR & Trophy
1. Rafat Al-Jarhi ( Pioneer School) 2000 SR & Trophy

The marathon race was attended by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalid Al-Ofaisan and the Vice-Dean, Mr. Faris Al-Faris.
Dr. Al-Ofaisan extended his thanks to the Vice-Rector for patronizing the race.