Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020


Last Modified Mon, 2020/08/31 - 11:10

Under the patronage of MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren and the follow-up of the vice-rector for educational affairs, Dr. Mohammed al-Oboudi, the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is conducting a 2-week preparatory program for the students for the academic year 1442 AH.
The aim of this program is to hone students’ skills for the new academic year via several courses. These courses are as follow:
First Course: Quality indicators in student’s life; presented by the vice-rector for educational affairs, Dr. Mohammed al-Oboudi
Second Course: Time management skill; presented by the dean of Graduate Studies Deanship, Prof. Abdullah al-Suwayket
Third Course: Effective studying techniques; presented by the dean of College of Education in Zulfi, Dr. Nasser al-Othman
Fourth Course: Psychological readiness for student; presented by the advisor of the Student Advising & Guidance Center, Dr. Ibrahim al-Husaynan
Fifth Course: Essential English Standardized Test Skills; presented by Dr. Mohammed al-Harbi, a faculty member in the Department of English Language at the College of Education in Zufli
Sixth Course: Student experience 1 (health majors); presented by the intern student and head of Reading Club, Abdelrahman al-Falih
Seventh Course: Student experience 2 (humanities majors); presented by the head of Media Club, Abdullah al-Obaid
Eighth Course: Student experience 3 (administrative majors); presented by Faris al-Kharash, a member of Student Advisory Council and Integrity Club.
The program will be wrapped up by a meeting with the university rector.
The program, targeting the university students, and freshmen in particular, features many excellent presenters, including the vice-rector for educational affairs, deans and some of the outstanding students.
Inquires about the program and questions directed to MU rector are to be received via the DSA’s social media accounts.
The dean of DSA, Dr. Khalid al-Ofaisan, pointed out the primary goal of this program is to help students acquiring necessary skills and knowledge that are deemed essential for their academic life.
Such programs are conducted at the request of MU Rector, Dr. al-Muqren, and the follow-up of the vice-rector for Education Affairs, Dr. al-Oboudi, Dr. al-Ofaisan added.
Dr. al-Ofaisan extended special thanks to both the Deanship of e-Learning and the Deanship of Information Technology for their technical support to make this event possible.