Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020


Last Modified Thu, 2020/09/17 - 12:15

At the request of MU rector and the follow-up of the vice-rector for educational affairs, the Deanship of Student Affairs conducted a program for all students, particularly freshmen, under the theme ‘I deserve to know’.
In the program which aims to clarify ambiguous issues for students, both deans of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Deanship of Admission & Registration were hosted to highlight the role of their deanships.
Welcoming new students on this occasion, the dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Khalid al-Ofaisan, talked about the responsibilities of the deanship towards students, pointing out that the deanship’s motto ‘Students always first’ indicates that the deanship will strive to serve students at best.
Dr. al-Ofaisan also outlined student activities, programs and events as well as the university’s participation in competitions with their counterparts at the Kingdome level. He also mentioned the Student Fund and its various services (e.g. loans, stipends,) and the Student Counseling and Guidance Center.
The dean of Admission & Registration, Dr. Saud al-Mughem, then, highlighted the essential responsibilities of the deanship and contact means as well as academic rules and regulations.
In a Q&A session held at the end of the program, the two deans answered students’ inquiries.
As a program that is held annually, the dean, Dr. al-Ofaisan, said that the aim of this program is to present and answer all questions send to the deanship, and to provide students with the contact channels of colleges, deanships and general administrations amid this pandemic.
The program was wrapped up by the dean of Student Affairs who extended special thanks to MU rector and the vice-rector for Educational Affairs for their unlimited support and follow-up to ensure that students are served at best. Thanks were also expressed to the dean of Admission & Registration for accepting the invitation.