E- Exams for First Semester completed

The First Semester e-exams were held under the supervision of the Office of the Dean of E-Learning and Distance Education (ODEDE).
The Vice-Rector and Supervisor of ODEDE, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, said that e-exams are held every semester in the labs of colleges by the ODEDE in collaboration with Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs.
Dr. Khalid Al-Mudairabi, Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, stated that the number of e-courses are eleven with over 12,000 registered students in different specializations.
Exam committees and sub-committees are formed at all colleges to make the process of managing and controlling exam-committees easier.
Prof. Al-Dosari extended his thanks to the Vice-Rector’s office for Educational Affairs as well as to all other colleges for their cooperation.

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Tuesday, 05/February/2019