Applied College's branch in Ramah branch is holding an open meeting for students with the dean

Under the auspices of the Dean of the Applied College, Dr. Shadi Al-Showair, and the presence of Dr. Adi Al-Baqami, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the College of Science and Humanities Council in Ramah, and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, as well as Dr. Laila Al-Haidari, the Vice-Dean,  the Applied College held an open meeting with students of the college in its branch in Ramah, which targeted many topics as follows

1) Follow-up the progress of the educational process

2) Direct communication with college students, answering their inquiries, and listening to all their suggestions

3) Encourage students to exert more effort to achieve the best academic results and to have well-qualified graduate for the labor market.

4) Highlight practices that serve students and contribute to facilitating their scientific mission and providing them with the necessary skills to compete in the labor market.

5) The need for constant communication between students and their academic advisor to overcome the obstacles that he may face them.

6) Emphasizing the importance of extra-curricular activity that contributes to building students' personalities.




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Tuesday, 03/January/2023