Participation of College of Medicine in Awareness Campaign

In association with King Khalid Hospital and Abdulatif Cancer Screening Center, the College of Medicine took part in the awareness campaign held by MU at Majmaah Mall under the patronage of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Jawaher Al-Omar during the period 7-13/2/1441. Some faculty members specialized in this field along with students participated in the campaign.
The campaign with the theme “ Don’t wait for symptoms- Check Now”, aims to introduce the public to the disease and encourage women aged 40 and above for early checkup using Mammogram, an X-ray picture used to look for early signs of breast cancer. Part of the objectives is raise women’s awareness of the importance of early checkup as this is likely to make the possibility of being cured from the disease high.
The campaign had several sections advocated to educate women about the disease, checkup methods and playing films and distributing leaflets about the disease. There was also a clinic that has Mammogram to checkup women; some cases were transferred to King Khalid Hospital to be checked up by specialties.

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