Department of Measurement, Evaluation and Excellence

About the Department :
It is a department affiliated with all practices and policies of measurement, evaluation and excellence to ensure fairness of assessment practices, quality of educational outcomes and identifying strength and weakness points for incessant improvement and development. The department is also concerned with the process of education and learning by supporting faculty members and creating academic environment conducive for excellence and innovation as well as establishing a quality system through which effective teaching strategies are maintained and high quality of learning is achieved.
To be a reference in applying the best academic and administrative practices related to measurement, evaluation and excellence in order to maintain the highest level of justice and objectivity with regard to assessment practices and achieve international academic standards in education and learning skills and human development for faculty members.
Improve on regular basis the practices of Measurement, Evaluation and Excellence to maintain justice and quality in educational outcomes, support excellent teaching skills by creative an academic environment conducive for innovation, enhance the efficiency of faculty members to achieve the educational goals and supervise the developmental and training programs of learning to ensure the effectiveness and quality of education and learning.
- Provide teaching support and scientific consultations for faculty members and the university units in the field of Measurement, Evaluation and Excellence
- Develop the practices of Measurement and Evaluation to maintain justice and improve efficiency of educational outcomes.
- Develop a unfired strategy of evaluation at the university level
- Conduct, publish and develop scientific research in the field of evaluation and assessment
- Measure the quality of educational outcomes in collaboration with scientific colleges and departments
- Open up to the local community and provide different services related to Measurement, Evaluation and Excellence
- Promote the culture of measurement and evaluation and enhance their academic and administrative practices.
- Recruit outstanding faculty members and develop their skills
- Improve education and learning strategies to enhance the targeted educational outcomes
- Develop faculty members’ academic skills