The Department of Public Relations and University Information aspires for further development in administrative systems and upgrading efficiency of employees to the best level of perfection and application of tasks and duties at the highest level of quality standards. It also aspires to be distinctive in service provision and organization of occasions and always aiming at evaluation and considering criticism and correcting mistakes and shortages as well as finalizing the process of establishing the Department of Public relations and University Information on scientific basis to become an example to be followed. There is also a need to boost relations and communication with its vicinity in order to achieve more successes which will eventually consolidate the University's reputation and standing. And such aspirations will be achieved through the following:
* Attracting additional qualified cadres to the duties of public relations and information who are in compliance with changes and development in all fields and capable of dealing with the communication techniques and renewable information.
* Provision of more developed equipment and devices needing by the Department of Public Relations and University Information in order to do many of the public relations tasks.
* Organizing programs for University employees for the purpose of boosting the spirit of belonging to the University and realizing the goals of connection between all of them.
* Spreading the University name more widely and introducing its activities and highlighting its achievements through the media apparatus.    
* Increasing participation of the University in exhibitions and social and awareness weeks and conferences and activities in other universities, ministries and government departments.
*Planning for organization of many introductory exhibitions and awareness campaigns, cultural weeks, scientific conferences, seminars, lectures, ceremonies and public occasions with the concerned bodies in the University.
* Hosting information and cultural delegations to acquaint them with the University and its facilities, projects and future plans.
* Establishing a guest house to host University guests and new staff.
* Establishing a recreation center for the University staff to practice their favorable sports and organizing social and recreation programs which will surely boost their relations.   
* Endeavoring to conclude agreements with government and private parties in a number of fields pertaining to mutual interests with colleges and departments in the University such as (Information establishments, King Abdul Aziz Center for National dialogue, sports and recreational facilities…).
* Organizing meetings, workshops and training courses for media men in the region in collaboration with the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.
* Cooperation and coordination with the Deanship of Society Servicing for providing advanced services to the society in the volunteering, awareness, cultural and social fields and strengthening the University role in developing the local society.
* Developing the University newspaper (Tawasol) in stages, to be published every 15 days and later weekly and abiding by the fixed date of issuance.  
* Issuing a written and electronic guide including numbers and addresses of all colleges and University facilities.
* Updating data bases of all ministries, universities, government and private bodies and distinguished persons in the society including addresses and telephone numbers for the purpose of contacting them through official correspondence, compliments and send them gifts and invitations to all occasions.
* Preparing different gifts to be presented to the University's guests and visitors of H.E University Rector and for distribution during exhibitions organized by the University.