Language Tests

Recognized language tests

First: TOEFL is offered by some private institutes that subcontracted the licenses from the competent authorities in the United States. There are three types of TOEFL which are PBT, CBT, IBT. It is to note that the ITP type is not recognized by the University because it is sample test that does not serve application to the university. (the validity of TOEFL is two years).

Second: STEP. This test is offered by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education. The test is available in different regions in KSA. For further details please visit the NCAHE website. (validity of the test is three years.)

Third: IELTS. This test is offered by the British Council. (Validity is two years.

Scores should match the ones required by all recognized tests

The validity of the English Language Proficiency test

the General Aptitude Test. NCAHE states that the validity of the General Aptitude Test for university graduates is five years. STEP English is three years, TOEFL and IELTS two years.

NB. The Deanship of Graduate Studies would like to insist on the fact that any English language test where it is indicated that such test is not valid for application to university shall not be recognized by Majmaah University. It was unfortunately noticed that some private training institutions offer such invalid tests and dupe trainees into believing that it is valid for application to post-graduate studies in Universities knowing that it was a sample test with such stamp on it.

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Sitting for one of the tests mentioned in the General Conditions is the full responsibility of the student. The deanship is not responsible for coordinating with the above-mentioned parties offering such tests. For further information on these tests click on the appropriate icon below .