Message from the Vice-Dean

صورة سعادة الوكيل The Deanship of Common First Year is considered to be the first phase during which students are introduced to all different majors in various fields. Thus, the basic aim of Common First Year level is to help students to get to grips with the way university differs from high school. Furthermore, during this transitional period, students do not only receive training in English language, computer science, math and others, but also encouraged, in addition to innovation and creativity, to develop their university life skills and to engage in serving the community via some of the initiatives launched by the university. Basic scientific knowledge that students might need in their future majors is also acquired during this period along with raising their health and physical awareness.

The Vice-Dean Office for Educational Affairs strives to fulfill the university goals which are formulated based on the Kingdom Vision 2030 with the support of MU Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Mugren. The underlying principle of these goals is to qualify students to be able to meet the demands of labor market. In addition to the pursuit of the Common First Year to maintain providing a top-notch quality of academic program for students to pursue their higher education, students are also guided by the Academic Advising Unit to excel in their academic life.