Study System

Study System



1. A student will attend two consecutive terms to complete the requirements of Common First Year

2. The timetable is fixed during the study period at Common First Year and students may not be able to add or drop courses.

3. Students do not need to register for every semester; they are considered registered according the study plan of the Common First Year.

4. In case of a student failed one of the Common First Year’s courses, he/she is allowed to retake that course in the upcoming semester.

5. A student has to pass all Common First Year courses successfully at the end of the first semester. An extended study period (one additional semester) is granted to students who were unable to pass the Common First Year courses.

6. If the percentage of absence from classes (without excuses) exceeds 25% for any course, students will be denied entry to final exam of that course.

7. Upon the approval of the Dean of Common First Year, a student can take Common First Year’s courses at any of the university’s branches.

8. The student shall not have the right to be allocated unless after completing all Common First Year courses

9. Admission to the following colleges : Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Science, Engineering, Computer Science and Information and Science, is sought via these two tracks:

  • Medical Track ( College of Medicine - College of Dentistry- College of Applied Medical Science)
  • Scientific Track ( College of Engineering- College of Science – College of Computer Science and Information )