the Quality and Accreditation Center


Word of the Center Leader

Praise be to God and peace and blessing be upon the prophet Mohammed.

 The Quality and Accreditation Center, with all its units and teams, is desirous to enhance the vision and mission of Community College-Majmaah University and to a chive the short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives.

Verily, the application of quality standards in higher education institutions, including our College, is considered one of the most important excellence constituents.

This excellence can be achieved when the quality systems are supported to produce a new administrative aspect that goes with the up – to – date leaps of nano- technology.

The team of the center is so grateful to he is Excellency the dean of the College Dr. Abdul Allah Ahmad Al Dahash for supporting the activities of the center.


The Leader of the Quality and Accreditation Center

Shaker Hamed Newiegy .