Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
31 October 2020

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  • · Talents of the students develop their abilities to raise the level of the collection of outstanding scientific and participate in activities, and by helping to create educational and outstanding academic environment.
  • · Composition of a balanced personality for students and students maintain their identity and belonging and national constants and abide by the teachings of the Islamic religion.
  • · Promote a culture of participation and dialogue and learning, competition and innovation.
  • · Accustom students to work in the community and participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of various student activities, housing and food services.
  • · Participate in the care of talented and outstanding students with special needs and community service in addition to providing social, psychological, educational and guidance to help students.
  • · Develop and strengthen the spirit of the university discipline and adherence to norms and regulations.