Counseling and Student Rights Unit

The Responsibilities of the Unit
- Providing programs of social, economic, psychological, educational, health care and assisting the students to exploit the various programs that foster their needs and achieve the social and psychological harmony and the integration of the personality.
- Notfying the Deanship of Admission and Registration of the cases of the students who suffer from chronic diseases or handicapped.
- Communicating and coordinating with the chairs of the departments to transfer the cases who requires advising and guidance.
- Holding the fruitful programs that aim at dealing with negative manners inconsistent with the legal values and enlightening the students with the regulations.
- Making tours around the college to follow-up the students belonging to different majors.
-Enligntening the students with objectives of advising, its plans, programs, services and building up fruitful vocational relationships with the students through pamphlets.
- Preparing the students and the optimum conditions which help accomplish the students’ care and solve their individual and collective problems and taking care of their skills and inclinations and meet their needs in a way which qualifies them to the next stages. 
- Partcipating in preparing the annual report of the unit.
- Performing any duties being entitled by the direct chair.
The coordinator of the unit:
 Dr. Muhammad Taha