The Student Activities Unit

The responsibilities of the Unit

- Preparing an annual plan of the students’ activities and addressing it to the college council to endorse it as step toward its application.

 - Coordinating with the deanship of the students’ affair to execute the activities on the level of the deanship.

 - Supervising the students’ activities in the college and ordering its share loan.

- Preparing the annual, quarterly, monthly reports concerned with the activities being held in the college.

- Discovering the students’ talents, taking care of them through holding the workshops that develop their skills and improve their talents.

- Organizing activities that raise the awareness of the national issues to reinforce the concept of citizenship and community partnership among the students.

- Organizing the competitive activities among the academic programs.

- Training the students to be leaders.

- Participating in building up an integrated university student personality which is academically, professionally, socially, and intellectually developed.

- Organzining academic, cultural, and recreational tribes and visits to exhibits, museums, and conferences.

- Studying all the aspects related to improve the quality of the students’ activities and achieve its goals and follow up the progress of the decisions approved by the college council.

- Partcipating in the programs concerned with welcoming the newly admitted students and the graduates as well.

- Participating in preparing the annul report of the unit.