The Vice Dean of Development and Quality

Tasks of Vice Dean for Development and Quality

- Reinforcing the perception of quality assurance and spreading it at the college’s level.

- Pursuing the achievement of the requirements of academic accreditation by the college’s programs.

- Overseeing developing and operating plans being set up and their implementation.

- Considering the problems and obstacles that face quality assurance and development programs inside the college and come up with proper solutions.

- Identifying the training needs for the different departments’ faculty members at the college and coordinating their implementation with the competent parties.

- Proposing the needed plans for developing the skills of the college’s staff, from both sides: faculty members and employees.

- Encouraging the faculty members to participate in the programs offered by the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development.

- Carrying out and pursuing the activities of creativeness and excellence in academic, administrative and research performance at the college.

- Keeping the intercommunication channels open with the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development regarding the practices of quality assurance and academic accreditation by coordinating with the Dean of the college.

- Establishing mechanisms to identify the beneficiaries’ both (Entering and Leaving) from the college’s services expectations, requirements and level of satisfaction to benefit from it in upgrading work efficiency in the college.

- Overseeing the college’s annual report preparation.

- Proposing the college’s affairs committees formation.

- The constant coordination with the college’s vice deans and heads of departments regarding the achievement of the college’s goals.

- Keeping the intercommunication channels open with the corresponding academic and administrative units at the university, regarding all maters lead to everyone’s undertaking his duties and achieving the Vice dean Office’s goals by coordinating with dean of the college.

- Preparing a report about the quality assurance and accreditation progress in the college.

- Carrying out the duties assigned to him by the Dean or the College’s Council.

- Establishing the internal work system, general duties specifications and specializations of the Vice Dean’s office for Quality Assurance and Development as well as the mechanism for coordinating between the affiliated units.

- Managing the financial affairs, custodies and programs of the Vice Dean’s Office in accordance with the rules and regulations.

- Overseeing the duties of the affiliated units and centers.


Powers of Vice Dean of Development and Quality

- Recommending the appointment of the centers' directors and heads of the units.

- Addressing the competent authorities in the jurisdiction of the Vice Dean’s Office work responsibility and scope.

- Issuing of internal decisions that are required for the proper functioning of the Vice Dean’s Office and its units in accordance with the rules and regulations.

- Evaluating the performance of the office’s employees.

- Approving the outlays from the budget and the custody of the office in accordance with the rules and regulations.

- Approving the regular and emergency leaves for the staff of the office’s units.

Vice Dean of Quality and Development

Dr. Fahad Mohammed Al-Fuhaid.