Evaluation and Measurement Unit

The Responsibilities:

- Preparing measurement tools such as questionnaires, survey and card notes necessary for the evaluation process.

- Supervising the application of different measurement tools, and analyzing them and confident presenting them to the official in charge of the evaluation process in order to make use of them in enhancing the positive aspects and put remedies to the negative ones.

- Analyzing statically the results of the quarterly tests and final exams and providing some statistical indications for the quality of the tests such as reliability co-efficient and to what extent the exams are difficult.

- Presenting and discussing the results of the assessment with the coordinators in the department to exchange views around the improvement of evaluation styles.

- Facilitating the task of correcting the objective exams and assess its quality in measuring the academic achievement

- Conducting studies on some academic and non-academic phenomena to fulfill some indicators which participates effectively in the process of making decisions.

- Having a comprehensive evaluation for the performance of the trainers and their equivalence with the aim of improving the performance.

- Providing consultations of how to analyze and interpret the results of questionnaires.

- Executing and delivering courses in evaluation and measurement with the aim of developing the skills of measurement and evaluation.

- Participating in preparing the annual report of the unit.

- Participating in the efforts of the educational media through spreading the culture of evaluation and measurement.

- Executing any other works entitled by the direct head.

Chair of The Unit:

 Dr. Talal Alghamdi

Extension No: 2286