Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Responsibilities

- Proposing mechanisms and suggestions to professionally develop the university staff member, i.e. workshops-training courses- specialized seminars.

- Supporting the process of –self-improvement concerned with the staff member.

 - Preparing the plans necessary for the evaluation of the academic courses in association with the concerned departments in the light of general attitude of the University, quality requirements, and the needs of labor market.

- Following –up and coordinating with the quality units being dispersed at various colleges in what is related to fulfillment of the teaching and learning criterion.

- Contrbuting to developing the teaching methodologies and drawing further attention to the electronic learning and self-directed learning and active learning and keeping abreast with the up-to-date teaching methods and focusing on student centered teaching method.

- Proposing mechanism to developing and improving the requirements and the equipment of learning and teaching such as libraries, labs, classrooms, and internet halls at different colleges.

- Partcipating in preparing the annual report concerned with the faculty.

- Excuting any others works being entitled by the director chair.

Chair of the unit

Dr. Ashraf Abdelfatah Zeyab Taha 

Extension No: 2316

E-mail address: [email protected]

Unit secetary

Abdualziz Aldahoum  

Extension No: 2303

E-mail address: [email protected]