Registration and Student Services Unit

The responsibilities of the Unit:
- Performance the registration duties of the colleges and the unit.
- Implementing the students services in the college which is also available in the deanship of admission and registration such as medical transfer, reduction of flight fee
- Supervising the programs of welcoming the newly admitted students and preparing the orientation programs.
- Receiving the transfer requests from department to department and from college to college and completing the necessary procedures according to the organizing regulations.
- Preparing the annual, quarterly and monthly statistics in what is concerned with the students.
- Preparing the notifications of the students and advertising them and supplying the departments of copies from these documents.
- Preparing the necessary data about the students’ cases and noticing them to the concerned authorities in the college to make the necessary decisions.
- Partcipating in preparing the annual report of the unit.
- Performing any duties being entitled by the direct chair.
The coordinator of the unit
 Mr. Nasser Muhammad Albadea.