The Responsibilities: 

- To receive and deliver the incoming and outgoing messages from and to the deputy office according to the followed system, in addition, sorting them out, categorizing them and Documenting them in registers.

- Following up the instructions, decisions, and correspondences sent from the deputy office to the concerned authorities, whether they be inside the college or outside it.

- Accomplishing the secretary works including printing work of th deputy office.

- Welcoming visitors, guests, and reviewers who intend to visit the deputy, in line with scheduling their meeting, answering inquires and phones.

- Writing the letters and decisions issued from the deputy office. 6-Preparing, and organizing all the documents and files of the deputy office.

- Doing any other works which are ordered by the deputy.


The responsibilities of the manager: 

- to organize its affairs and supervise its office work and administrative activities which help facilitate the work performance and the duties of deputy office.

- To Supervise the units of the students’ activities.


The manager of the office:

 Mr. Ahmad Abdullah Alasylan.


Abdalaziz Abdulrhaman Aldahoum.

For contact:

Tel:0164042271/ 0164042330/ 0164042303.

 E-mail: [email protected]