Demonstrator, Lecturers and Scholars Affair

 Procedural objectives:

- Recruiting the distinguished demonstrators, lecturers and scholars.

- Supporting and Following –up the demonstrators, lecturers and scholars and assuring their professionalism and guaranteeing that they will be back to serve the college as well.



Forming a unit called: Demonstrators, lecturers and scholars' Affairs Unit which has to be affiliated to the College deputy for Graduate and Scientific Research.


The committee consists of the following members: 

- Staff member or more.

- Secretary.



- Regulating the scholarship of teaching assistant and lecturers verify the validity of their academic programs.

- Following-up the academic progress of the demonstrators, teaching assistants, and lecturers during the course of their academic study , which has to be proven in written reports, based on the coordination with the departments.

- Providing the demonstrators, teaching assistants, and lecturers with the psychological and moral support and the necessary consultations.

- Designing a database concerned with the demonstrators, lecturers, and scholars

- Coordinating with the University Deputyship for Graduate with regard to the conditions and the mechanism of the scholarships’ grant to the demonstrators, teaching assistants, and lecturers and the issues related to their financial and vocational rights.


The demonstrators, teaching assistants, and lecturers’ Support Committee consists of the following members:




Dr. Rashid Borda


Mr. Faisel Alkathery


Abdullah Aba Nami

Secretary (Recruting)

Meshal Alonezi

Secretary ( Contract)