Message from the Vice-Dean

On behalf of myself and all faculty members and staff at the College of Medicine, MU, I'd like to welcome you all the page of the Vice-Dean's Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research which aims to provide the services needed by visitors. 

The Vice-Dean's Office consists of the following main units: Graduate Studies Unit, Scientific Affairs Unit, Scientific Research Unit and Community Service Unit.

These units seek to work jointly to achieve many goals such as advancing scientific departments, qualifying faculty members by pursuing their postgraduate studies, and hiring national cadres to improve the university rank internationally. 

Part of the Vice-Dean's Office responsibilities is to develop the quality of research at the college through raising awareness about the importance research and motiving faculty members to publish their research. 

The Vice-Dean's Office also is interested in forming partnerships with the community as well as public and private institutions by holding seminars and conferences for all segments of society that contribute to community development.

Another primarirly role of the Vice-Dean's Office is discovering talented students, nurturing their ideas, protecting their rights, and transforming their ideas into products of economic and service value.



Finally, I hope you will find this website useful, wishing you success in your future endeavor.


Dr. Fahad Al-Anazi 

Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research