About the Department:

The Department of Emergency Medicine is one of the very important majors. This major features providing emergency medical aid for critical cases whose life or any of their organs are at risk. The department of emergency department is the first entry point at any hospital and cases are sorted according to medical priority.



Providing high-quality and effective emergency and surgical nursing care to patients; educating and training students and interns in the field of emergency medicine; conducting studies and scientific research to improve the level of service provided and the quality of educational and training process; raising awareness and prevention from acute injuries and diseases through community partnership programs.


The DEM strives to improve the quality of emergency medical care as well as the educational, training and research process in emergency medicine locally and internationally.


The DEM is committed to offer educational and training curricula and courses that create among students a sense of responsibility and cooperation with the concerned departments to meet the needs of patients in line with the country’s national vision.


  • Encourage students to select this major to meet the country’s need for qualified specialists.
  • Improve the quality of emergency medical care at local hospitals.
  • Encourage publishing research in emergency medicine major
  • Create a supportive environment for the medical team conducive to ongoing learning and teaching and research.  
  • Encourage the medical team to maintain high quality standards
  • To have graduates capable of dealing with emergency cases professionally.