Message from the Head:

I would like to welcome you to the Department of Medical Education (DME) which was founded since the establishment of the College of Medicine in 2010. The primary responsibility of the department is to assist academic departments in undertaking academic tasks such as curriculum design, teaching and learning methods and students evaluation based on the modern medical education field.

Part of the department’s role is also to provide a wide-range of services, educational consultations and training for faculty members, committees and units in the field of learning.

Moreover, the department supervises closely a number of longitudinal courses which help students in mastering the program’s outcomes.

Given the fact that the modern medical education is based on evidence, the department plays a significant role in research, particularly applied research which serve teaching and learning.

Finally, the department’s faculty members are willing to cooperate with any faculty who is interested in educational development or research.

Head of Department of Medial Education

Dr. Mohammed A. al-Mansour