Supervisor of Female Campus

Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Coordinate and manage administrative and organizational relationships with the dean, vice-deans and head of departments at the college.
- Supervise the female campus’ needs, particularly those related to education, research, administration and finance.
- Supervise the maintenance of the college’s movable and immovable properties.
- Follow-up and implement the college’s council decisions
- Supervise the improvement of workplace at female campus, both administratively and academically
- Supervise the preparation of job performance evaluation for staff
- Follow-up the implementation of the female campus’ operational plan.
- Propose mechanisms to improve administrative performance at female campus
- Supervise, in cooperation with concerned departments, the implementation of safety and fire drill plans during emergency cases.
- Follow-up the female campus’ needs for maintenance, safety and security works as well as library facilities along with providing regular reports of such works.
- Coordinate regularly with the vice-deans’ assistants in achieving the college’s goals
- Undertake any tasks assigned by the colleges’ council or the dean
Badraya Al-Saif
Ex. 2777
Email: [email protected]