A Hint about the Place


Introduction to the emergence of the Faculty of Medicine in Majmaa’h University.        There is no doubt that the real wealth of the nation is the citizens who are the intent of the development plans of the country. And from the premise that quality education is the basis and foundation for human building, it is indispensable to achieve overall quantum and quality  leaps . The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing a comprehensive renaissance of education in the form of providing more than twenty universities in different regions, with the benefit of those universities of strong infrastructure  and provided by the appropriate financial credit, and that in light of the urgent need for the Kingdom of Saudi to qualified doctors, it  was opened about five years the Faculty of Medicine during the past ten years.      It was by Allah's will, the opening of the Faculty of Medicine, in Majmaa’h University according to the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 3 / 1430, date 13.6.1430 with the beginning of the academic year    1431-1432 AH (2010-2011 AD), one of the newest emerging faculties, where students began the second group in the faculty the study in the preparatory year, and first-year students at the beginning of the current academic year 1432-1433 AH (2011-2012 AD) and the number of college students in the preparatory year 54 students, and students of the first year 40 students, they are teached by a group of distinguished professors, The Faculty has currently a headquarter of an advanced level of quality and construction.