Rajab 1441
26 February 2020

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24- Amounted to Fifty-five Training Program, the rector of the University Inaugurates the Training Programs, Community Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education.

Tuesday 22 Nov 2011

          His Excellence, the rector of the University, Dr. Khaled bin Saad al-Muqrin inaugurated a training programs of community provided by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education at the University during the academic year 1432/1433 AH, where His Excellency registered in one of the training programs offered by the Dean, His Excellency praised the course of action system in Dean, and gave his instructions to the importance  of satisfying the needs of the community and provide the benefit of people and achieve one of the main goals of the university , the partnership of the university is to include all governmental and private sectors with the need  that these programs are to keep pace with global developments in this regard that the competitiveness and quality desired by the university will be achieved.

           And His Excellency Dr. Omar Bin Musa’id Alshariofi dean of community service and continuing education presented his thanks to the rector of the university for his wise directions and his permanent follow-up which had a significant impact on the further development of performance within the Dean to achieve quality work in all units and by inaugurating the software that comes along with the university concern  represented at the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education on developing the skills of community members and meet their training needs, explaining that the training programs offered by the Dean are divided into five main themes: the programs life, educational and administrative as well as computer programs and English language, these programs are divided into three periods of training, among fifty-five training program aimed at various categories of members of the community, and works on planning and implementation of these programs, a team of academics within the Dean headed by Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Qader El Nimr, Head of training, supervised and followed -up by His Excellence Dean deputy Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Aalghemazy ,. The register is available to all members of the community at the electronic gate  of the University through the link..http://dcsce.mu.edu.sa/node/36
      And His Excellence Dr. Omar Alshariofi  expressed his sincere thanks to their Excellencies Deans of universities, which included among its shores training centers equipped by the Deanery: the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Majamaah, and the College of Education in Al-Zulfi  His thanks extended to Excellencies deans of Admission and Enrolment and Information Technology for their effective contribution to planning for these programs .

The visit witnessed a good interactions form students who asked the society representative a countless questions and queries through which they recognized the society works and their strenuous efforts for the sake of spreading awareness and Islam.