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26 February 2020

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Monday 21 Oct 2019

As part of the project designed to prepare the 3rd strategic plan of the university 2020-2025, the Committee of 3rd Strategic Plan conducted a workshop to discuss the objectives and initiatives pertinent to the third strategic plan which will be presented to MU Rector for approval. The workshop was held in the presence of the vice-rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih and the vice-rector for student affairs, Dr. Jawaher Al-Omar. The workshop was launched by a word for Dr. Faisal Al-Mutairi who highlighted the objectives of this workshop and the up-to-date achievements of works related to the third strategic plan. Dr. Mohammed Al-Aboudi, a member of the committee, explained the methodology used by the committee in dividing the five aspects as well as the importance of feedback received by different sectors at the university with regard to objectives, initiatives and indicators, an approach that will make the strategic plan more effective and workable. Addressing the committee members, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr. Al-Rumaih, commended the efforts of all members and highlighted the importance of the partnership with all sectors of the university for preparing the strategic plan.