Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
25 January 2020

The Rectorship Works on the Terms of Reference Resumption

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In accordance the continuous and effective coordination with the University Structure Development Examination Committee, and in a desire of the Rectorship to update and develop its terms of reference, and also the Deanships and departments' terms of reference within the field of their responsibilities. The Rectorship resumed examining the tasks and terms of reference in accordance to the developmental actions carried out by the university and the basis of requirements necessitated by the current phase through the transfer of the Deanships and departments' responsibilities to be under the direct supervision of the Rectorship. In this context, HE Vice Rector Dr. Musallam bin Mohammed Al-Dosari announced that the development of the Rectorship's work at this stage requires starting from constants and specific necessities stated by the reality of development and the needs at the university, and that this development requires the concerted efforts of all colleagues Deans and directors of departments and all their employees to keep up with the the university restructuring requirements and the terms of reference up to its jurisdictions to overcome what could obstruct, delay or depart the workflow procedures from the right track.