Rabi Al-Thani 1442
25 November 2020

Meeting with Vice-Rectorship

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Following up on the tasks of the Vice Rector of Majmaah University, a new coordinating meeting has been held between the Vice-Rector of the University and the deans of the supporting deanships along with the directors of sub-departments. The deans and directors applauded the new meeting as one of the factors of development at the University. They have also expressed appreciation to the vice-president for calling for that session. The meeting included the following topics: Welcoming the audience Discussion of the meetings of the sub-departments of the Vice-Rector's Office. Discussion of the follow-up of the developmental project’s recommendations. The latest developments. Majmaah University Vice-Rector welcomed the audience and explained that the purpose of the meeting was following up the agendas of the Vice-Rector’s office and the sub-departments as well as discussing the latest developments at the University and resolving current or expected problems. Furthermore, the meeting parties have agreed on the need for holding monthly meetings of the sort, and the chairman can call for an urgent meeting if needed. Recommendations of the Developmental Project were also considered in addition to relevant and incomplete recommendations that must be completed according to the defined mechanism. At the end of the meeting, the Vice-Rector thanked the attendees for their participation and efforts in the development of the University. He also expressed his appreciation to the Rector of Majmaah University for his ongoing support of the Vice-Rector’s office and the sub-departments.