The Deanship of Library Affairs concluded the second reading competition by announcing the name of winners.
Launched on 18/6/1441 AH with two categories based on the number of books: golden and silver, the contest aimed to promote the culture of reading, importance of the university’s library and appreciation of books among the university staff and students as well as the local community located within the university’s geographical area.
The contest was announced via the Content Management System (CMS), social media, the deanship’s portal and banners located at all colleges with all details of submission, deadlines and conditions. Participants’ inquiries were answered through a representative in each college and the deanship’s tweeter account.

The jury committee included faculty and staff who have experience in reading contest. After being approved by the Deanship of Library Affairs, the name of winners was posted on the deanship’s tweeter account.
The dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Shadi al-Shuwayer, extended his thanks to MU Rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren and the vice-rector for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research for their support and follow-up of all activities held by the deanship.
Special thanks were also extended to the working team and jury committees for their efforts in the contest.

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