The Deanship of Library Affairs (DLA) is conducting virtually its annual program ‘Library Week’, which aims to introduce the university personnel to the wide-range of services and facilities provided by the DLA at the Central Library as well as the other branches of colleges. The program targets everyone, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and staff.
Followed-up by the vice-rector for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research, Dr. Ahmed al-Rumaih, the program is held at the request of MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren, who asked to provide all types of support to the university staff and overcome any potential obstacle that might hinder their reach to information and knowledge resources.
The 4-day program is commenced by a talk for the dean of DLA, Dr. Shadi al-Shuwayer, followed by a presentation for the vice-dean for Quality & Development, Dr. Musaed al-Harbi, who highlighted the services and facilities available for the university staff.
The third day featured a training course on using the Saudi Digital Library (SDL) and E-Database, which was delivered in Arabic language by Abdullah al-Jabri.
On the next day, Dr. Imtyaz Basha conducted a course in English language, entitled “How to use Science Database”.
The program will end by a lecture about the role of textbook in knowledge enrichment which will be presented by Dr. al-Harbi.
The dean, Dr. al-Shuwayer extended his thanks to MU rector, Dr. al-Muqren, and the vice-rector, Dr. al-Rumaih, for their support and guide to the deanship’s activities.
Special thanks were expressed to the Deanship of Information Technology for facilitating the conduct of this program virtually using the best platforms.

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Monday, 14/September/2020