As part of its plan to develop the e-learning system at the university, the Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education (DEDE) is preparing to launch the ‘Smart Training Management System of Colleges” at the request of the Vice-Rector and Supervisor of the DEDE, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari. In collaboration with the Deanship of Information Technology, the DEDE develop a smart electronic system that ease the registration process for courses offered by the e-learning units at colleges. To view the available courses for every college and department, faculty members can access the system via the e-Services Portal on this link: Dr. Mohammed Aba-Hussein, Vice-Dean of Quality and Development, said this system will make the process of registration for e-learning unit’s courses easier, and the head of e-learning unit at every college will easily upload their college’s courses. Moreover, faculty members will find it easy to view only the training courses offered for their colleges, an act that will make the process of selecting courses more accurate. Dr. Aba-Hussein added that all coordinators of e-learning units at colleges were trained on how to use the system, and they will upload the training courses of this current semester. The DEDE is pleased to thank the Deanship of IT’s for their cooperation.

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Tuesday, 24/September/2019