Prof. Musallam al-Dosari, vice-rector, welcomed in his office the development team of College of Community at MU. The team was led by the vice-dean for Educational Affairs, Dr. Abdullah al-Dkhail, in the presence of the vice-dean for Quality and Development, Dr. Meshal al-Herf, the vice-dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Saad al-Ghatani and the supervisor of the vice-rector’s Office, Dr. Faisal al-Mutairi.
The meeting featured a presentation about the College of Community’s plan to be an applied college by the second semester of the current academic year 1441-1442 AH, based on the order received from the Ministry of Education. The main topics addressed in the presentation were: overview of the plan, analysis of the college current situation, strategies of change and the time-plan for the change to occur. Following the presentation of the plan, the vice-rector extended his thanks to the team assigned for changing the college to be an applied college, pointing out the significance of the College of Community in qualifying students to meet the local market demands.
Highlighting the principles that should be taken into consideration for the plan to be successful, Prof. al-Dosari shed a light on the following aspects of the plan:
- The plan should include outstanding diploma programs and vocational training that serve both the Saudi market, and the governorates located within the university’s geographical area in particular.
- The plan is expected to consolidate the College of Community’s partnership with other colleges, without having duality in their programs, by developing graduates’ skills to gain a competitive advantage and to meet the demand of market.
- Develop different partnerships between the college and both private and public sectors to ensure all types of support for academic and vocational programs are provided.
The late visit by the vice-rector to Sudiar Industrial City was also addressed in the meeting as a successful experience in identifying the number of training and vocational programs needed to qualify graduates who can immediately join the market upon their graduation.

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