A Lecture on "Effective Strategies in Time Management"

The Unit of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs held a lecture titled" Effective Strategies in Time Management" which came in line with the Unit's activities plan for the first semester of the current academic year 1439/1440 AH. The aim of the lecture is to build a student’s scientific and practical outstanding personality. The session was presented by a lecturer in Accounting at Department of administrative Sciences and Humanities, Mr. Shaker Hamed Nowaiji.
Mr. Nowaiji addressed a number of key themes on the subject of management strategies and time management, stating that the best use of time will be reflected positively on the achievement of success and excellence in scientific and practical life. The discussion topics included the following: determining the desired objectives of time management, conducting self-assessment, building time management matrix, identifying routine activities and schedules, identifying priorities, building an appropriate time management system, time consumers, and building daily and weekly time tables.

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